152 Longden Road

Tel: 01743 368 039
Fax: 01743 340 901

Mission Statement

All of the following services will be carried out by Staff in a competent yet sympathetic manner.

The Staff at The Ferns Residential Home are trained to be aware of the Residents social, emotional, religious, cultural, political and sexual needs and opinions will be accepted without question or comment, regardless of that Staff members’ personal views. Our staff are also aware that it is essential that these services should be carried out with consideration for the client’s need to maintain dignity, self-respect and privacy. We encourage Staff to enable Residents to maintain their individuality in their life at The Ferns Residential Home
  • Assistance with personal hygiene if required
  • Assistance with feeding if required
  • Assistance with mobility -inside and outside
  • Transport
  • Cleaning
  • Safety
  • Access to medical Attention
  • Regular Supervision
  • Response to bell calls
  • Assistance with dressing if required
  • Entertainment and activities
  • Shopping opportunities
  • A balanced Diet – special diets if required
  • Assistance with reading and writing
  • Assistance with toileting