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Philosophy Of Care

Philosophy and Delivery Of Care

We aim to provide a safe, comfortable homely environment for our Residents. A detailed assessment of each Residents needs is undertaken before admission, with input from healthcare professionals and family members. Each Resident has a Care Plan; this is a document that identifies medical needs and also includes details such as personal likes and dislikes, how much assistance is needed and how you wish to be addressed. We are aware of the ever-changing needs of individual and the Care Plan is designed to be updated as necessary.

Privacy and Dignity

We believe that our Residents have the right to privacy at all times. Our Staff are trained to show courtesy at all times by addressing Residents by their preferred name and knocking before entering rooms. All Rooms have doors which can be locked form the inside if wished; these special locks can be opened form the outside in an emergency. Independence and self-care is encouraged wherever possible.

Social & Lifestyle Requirements

We encourage our Residents to live as full and independent life as possible. We organize entertainment, crafts, games and activities weekly. Visitors are an important aspect of life at The Ferns and are welcome at any time. Many residents go out to lunch or for outings and families with their families. The Summer Garden Party and Christmas Party are extremely popular with Residents and their Families. Residents are encouraged to express their views and become involved in all aspects of home life by attending Resident and Family Meetings which are held every three months.

Health & Safety

All Staff receive mandatory Manual Handling, Health and Safety, COSHH, Food Safety and First Aid training with regular updates.

Fire Precautions

The home has a strict “No Smoking” policy. Regular fire drills are carried out by trained Fire Marshals. We have a regular, documented training and refresher training programme and all Fire Safety Equipment is tested on a weekly basis. All Staff are required to participate in regular fire drills which included methodical evacuation procedures.

Risk Assessment

Our Health and Safety Officer carries out a regular audit and reviews risk assessments, safety issues and accidents. All upstairs windows are fitted with restrictors in accordance with Health and Safety regulations

Disabled Access

Disabled access is available in all areas of the home. Ramps, handrails and a lift are installed.